Murach's R for Data Analysis

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These days, businesses are collecting massive amounts of data. But this data isn't valuable until someone analyzes it to gain insights that can be used to make decisions. That's why the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the demand for data analysts will continue to grow for the rest of the decade.

Now, with Murach's R for Data Analysis as a guide, you can learn the R skills you need to become a data analyst, and you can learn them faster and better than ever before. Thanks to its unique paired-pages format this book works equally well if you're new to programming or if you're an experienced programmer.

You'll get started fast by learning only the parts of the R language that you need for data analysis. Then, you'll learn how to use R with the tidyverse package to get, clean, prepare, analyze, and visualize data at a professional level. By the end of this book, you'll be creating linear regression models and classification models and using them to make predictions.

This book contains three realistic analyses that use real-world data. That's because we believe that studying analyses like these is critical to the learning process.

Mike Murach & Associates has been publishing high-quality books about computer programming since 1972. Download a sample chapter from the Murach website and see for yourself.

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