Large Print Password Logbook: Internet Login & Password Organizer: Denim

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0Here's a large print password book with spaces to list nearly 400 websites -- their names, internet addresses (URLS), logins, passwords and any other notes. The clear, big type makes it especially easy to use for seniors or the vision-impaired. A great gift Discreet cover helps protect your privacy and doesn't mention the book's purpose.
  • 400+ spaces: Every site journal page has room for four entries, so there's room to store information for more than 400 sites
  • Bonus features: Extra space to list your favorite sites for quick reference/Internet (modem) & email setup details/Network (router) & wifi access information/Software license registry numbers, logins & download info
  • Alphanumeric: A-Z pages and space for sites starting with numbers -- even includes an index
  • Plenty of room: This book is professionally-designed, with plenty of space to write
  • Large type: Big, clear type to make it easy to read (font size 16 and larger)
  • Format: Letter paper size (8-1/2 x 11"), bright white paper, and a sturdy glossy paperback cover
  • Large index letters: This paperback (softcover) book does not have tabs. Instead, bold letters on the side of all the entry pages make its easy to sort by name.
  • Space for updates: There are two lines for your passwords so you have space to change them periodically. (There's also extra room under "Notes".) Clean and organized: There are between 2 and 6 pages for every letter, except for U&V and X, Y & Z, which share pages. And, unlike in most other internet password journals, there are also two pages at the beginning of the index for website addresses that start with numbers.
There are also other large print address books in this series with different covers -- search for "Brilliant Large Print Books" to see them all.
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