Shock of the New: The Challenge and Promise of Emerging Technology

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Planning our response to disruption seems impossible. Most new and emerging technologies have been in development for decades, but as soon as they land on our doorstep, they inspire "the shock of the new." How do you, as a learning professional, prepare for what you don't know is coming? How do you judge what is important and what is just a fad?

In Shock of the New: The Challenge and Promise of Emerging Learning Technologies, Chad Udell and Gary Woodill create a new framework for anticipating emerging learning technologies, outlining six key perspectives you should consider with any new technology. They examine some of the day's most commonly discussed emerging technologies and pose the questions that will point the way to your own strategy. These insights aren't limited to specific applications; they give you an approach you can apply to any new tech coming your way, so you're always braced for the shock of the new.

Udell and Woodill optimistically point out that emerging technologies will help us make sense of our increasingly complex world; many more changes will occur over the next decade, so buckle up! What was once science fiction has just become real--and now is your opportunity to be on the leading edge.