Stepping Up to Google Classroom: 50 Steps for Beginners to Get Started

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An up-to-date guide for educators who want to get started with Google Classroom now!

Google Classroom allows you to put an entire semester's worth of classwork in one online hub. But you can do so much more with it by using this powerful platform mindfully to transform student experience, engagement, and success.

Stepping Up to Google Classroom empowers educators to take the leap into the digital classroom with confidence and purpose. By guiding readers through fifty straightforward and accessible steps and offering a host of tips for customization, this book ensures that teachers with all levels of tech comfortability can make the most of Google Classroom's powerful tools. It's designed to help you go beyond a merely paperless approach to education and instead use technology to improve student engagement and learning.

Google education experts Alice Keeler and Kimberly Mattina give you the tools you'll need to ensure that your first foray into blended learning is a successful one--for you and your students. By offering no-nonsense directions and a student-centered approach that optimizes impact, Stepping Up will help you dazzle your classes with digital savvy.

This book provides a step-by-step guide for using Google Classroom to

  • Get new classes set up quickly
  • Organize class information so everything is where students--and you--need it
  • Integrate with other apps
  • Use your time to better support your students
  • Create a more student-centered classroom
  • Employ digital tools for scoring low-critical-thinking work
  • Encourage increased participation from students
  • Move the focus from grading to productive, actionable, and interactive feedback
  • Teach students to exercise agency as independent learners
  • Prepare students to become good digital citizens

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