FrameMaker - Working with Content (2020 Release): Updated for 2020 Release (8.5x11)

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An indispensable reference for all FrameMaker users. This book contains everything you need to know about FrameMaker, from how to create your first document all the way to managing templates and generating mobile output complete with rich media.

This book focuses on templates and unstructured content. If you need to use structured content, consider FrameMaker - Structured Authoring and FrameMaker - Structured EDD Development. Each of these structured content workbooks contains exercises and class files to give you a hands-on learning experience.

Much has changed in FrameMaker since I started publishing this series in 2011, yet once again much remains the same. My hope is that this book will give you insight into the workflow that has made FrameMaker the standard in technical publishing for the last 20 years.

The text, much of it authored and directed by Sarah O'Keefe for FrameMaker 8 and earlier, has been revamped to address the features, user interface, and workflows available in FrameMaker up to and through FrameMaker 2020.

This version continues to move more toward my perspective as a user of FrameMaker since version 1 on the Mac.

While I update content and graphics to reflect the currently available version of FrameMaker. Some users choose not to update, and for this reason I've left in many references to earlier versions of FrameMaker.

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