Apple Watch Series 6 User Guide

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Do you have an Apple Watch Series 6? If yes, how do you use it? What is the best way to get the most out of it?

Apple Watch Series 6 is a watch everyone must have, based on the capacity and the endowment of the watch.

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Apple watch series 6 have an expansive Retina displays that has just been created by Apple, so as to enable you see more at a glance. Advanced sensors that keep you tracked all the ways you move. Robust powerful features that make you stay healthy and safe.

If it's your first time using Apple Watch, you may experience some difficulty at first, because of its unique interfaces which is very different from iPhone and iPad. That is why this guide was put together to help you get used to the interface and find your way through the device.

This guide will show you the lineup, the step by step setup and operation of Apple watch series 6. You will also learn how to measure the oxygen level in your blood, how to Check your heart rate and set up your cycle tracking. It contains lots of Tips and Tricks in operating watchOS 7 and navigating the watch series 6.......

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