Apple AirPods: Beginners and Seniors Well Illustrated Guide On How To Master Your Wireless Over The Ear Earpod Of The AirPods 1 & 2,

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It is no longer strange to walk down the street and see people listening to their best tunes or making calls using the AirPods.

Apple Airpuds is one of the best in the market as of this writing. Talk about its uniqueness or durability and mouth-watering features, making it a stand out among other headphones (EarPods) and one of it's uniqueness is that it has boasts incredible tech in terms of its H1 Chip which brings an "ear catching" experience to its users, its active noise cancellation and Transparency mode is a headliner amongst other features, this guide will familiarize you with all of these, and also help you to master the functionalities of the Airpod.

The Apple Airpod incorporate 20-hour battery life, active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and super shell sound mode called Spatial Audio, Siri and transparency mode which controls the sound of headphone (EarPods) and allow you to hear outside noise during the time of danger.

This guide clearly detailed steps for you to take so as to setup your AirPods on iPhones, iPads, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and non-Apple devices.

Some of the things you would learn in this book include:

- How to Pair Your AirPods Pro with your iPad or iPhone

- How to Pair the AirPods with the Apple TV

- How to Pair Your AirPods Pro with Non-Apple Device

- Rename Your AirPods

- How to Activate and Use Siri

- How to Test the Fit of Your AirPods Pro Ear Tips

- How to Control the AirPods Pro

- How to Customize Force Sensor Action

- How to Change Out the Earbuds Tips

- How to Charge the AirPods Pro

- How to View Charge Status when Wirelessly Charging the AirPods Case

- Enable Battery Widget on Your iPhone

- How to Check AirPods Battery Life on Apple Watch

- How to Check that Your Firmware is Updated

- How to Use "Live Listen" with AirPods Pro

- Share Audio from iPhone to Multiple AirPods

- Switch Modes with the Apple Watch

- How to Use AirPods Pro on a Mac

- How to Customize Controls on Mac

- How to Switch Your AirPods from iPhone to Mac

- How to Choose Your AirPod Double-Tap Settings

- Assign Microphone Duties to your AirPods Pro

- Listen to Stereo Streaming with a Single Bud

- Troubleshooting Tips for Your AirPods Pro

- How to Reset Your AirPods

- How to Find Your Missing AirPods

- Tips to Make Your Battery Last Longer

- And lots more!!!!!!!

Amoley Press, Illustrated Edition