AI R&D in Asia: A snapshot of AI activities across the Asian region

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New developments in computing hardware, algorithms, and data sources have led to an explosion of interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Widely viewed as a "strategic technology," governments, companies, and venture firms are investing in AI and rushing to create powerful applications -- with economic, social, security, and defense implications. There is a global race for leadership. Countries in Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, and others, are among the front runners.

Actionable insights are needed to inform policy makers and business people to help formulate strategies and make business decisions.

This book provides unique and timely insights into AI activities across Asia - key players from institutions and large companies to start-ups, as well as government policies and funding, workforce development, major projects, significant applications, specific strengths, and challenges. Based upon extensive on-the-ground research, this book is a must-have resource for corporate planners, government decision-makers, researchers, and anyone interested in one of today's most exciting new technology fields.

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