Guide to Web Development with Java: Understanding Website Creation

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Web development is simpler than it seems, especially with the software tools freely available on the Web. Breaking from the tradition of teaching a history of Web development, this book jumps to the good stuff from the outset so that students can start writing real applications.

This comprehensive Guide to Web Development with Java introduces readers to the three-tiered, Model-View-Controller architecture by using Hibernate, JSPs, and Java Servlets. These three technologies all use Java, so that a student with a background in programming will be able to master them with ease, with the end result of being able to create web applications that use MVC, validate user input and save data to a database.

Topics and features: presents the many topics of web development in small steps, in an accessible, easy-to-follow style - focusing on the most important information first, and allowing the reader to gain basic understanding before moving forwards; uses existing powerful technologies that are freely available on the web to speed up web development, such as JSP, JavaBeans, annotations, JSTL, Java 1.5, Hibernate and Tomcat; discusses HTML, HTML Forms, Cascading Style Sheets and XML; starts with the simplest technology for web development (JSP) and gradually introduces the reader to more complex topics; introduces core technologies from the outset, such as the Model-View-Controller architecture; contains many helpful pedagogical tools for students and lecturers such as questions and exercises at the end of each chapter, detailed illustrations, chapter summaries, and a glossary; includes examples for accessing common web services; provides supplementary examples and tutorials at http: //

Written for novice developers with a solid background in programming, but who do not have any database training, this thorough, easy-to-use textbook/guide provides an exemplary introductory course in web development for undergraduates, as well as web developers. With its straightforward and systematic style this text is also ideal for self-study.