Python programming for beginners

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It is no surprise to anyone that, currently, the technological and computer processes are advancing and progressing at an extremely advanced speed. Every day, we see new applications, programs, electronics, and other products that make a lot easier the actions we do every day.

For the creation of each of these things, the union and coexistence of many factors are required. For a vehicle to work properly, it must have a computer in charge of all the processes. Apart from the electricity and electronics of the vehicle, we need the programming.

In this book, you will find extremely important information about the beginnings of programming in general and to learn how to program in the programming language Python from zero.

Throughout the chapters of this book, you will find several examples of programs that will help you understand the programming process. In addition to that, when you finish this book, you will have extensive knowledge in the following areas:

- Data Types: Integers, Floats, Complex, Booleans, Strings, and others; The meaning of variable, how to declare a variable, and types of variables

- Basic Operators and Statements: What are the basic operators and why they are needed, the different statements with their respective diagrams

- Loops and Control Statements: What is a loop and how to use it, nested loops, for, range, while, break, continue, and pass

- Exceptions: What is an exception and its benefits, the use of try and except

- Files Management: What is it and how to use it, handling .xslx, .pdf, and .txt files

- MySQL: What is a database and how to use it, short introduction to MySQL language, Python and MySQL

- Programming and Classes-Objects: What is OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) and the benefits of this type of programming, what is a class and a method and how to create them