How to create Explainer Videos: in PowerPoint 365 and 2021

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To explain complex context and relations, there is a tool already on each office workplace: PowerPoint. But many users are not aware of what it can really achieve: not only record anything of what one does on the screen - it also can do videos with intricate animations. Elements can be displayed or hidden, created step by step or morph one to another. The audience will focus on the subject, the message is clear and the larger context will be understood.

This booklet concentrates on creating videos for teaching and demonstration. No other hard- or software needed. The resulting videos can be stored or shared anywhere you like.

General settings, Simple screen recordings, PowerPoint Elements, Pictures, icons, and shapes, Drawings, 3D-Models, Videos, Diagrams, SmartArts, Tables, Sounds, Moving elements, Slide transitions, Entrance effects, Exit elements, Other general effects, Special effects, Finish and Export