Electronic Music and Sound Design - Theory and Practice with Max 8 - volume 3

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ganic educational system that includes an extensive online component consisting of hundreds of interactive sound examples, videos, theory and practice glossaries, tests, programs written in Max, a Max object library created specifically for these volumes, and many practical activities (often with Gen and Jitter).


Reverberation and creative uses of reverb - Spatialization with two or more channels - AM, RM, SSB, FM, and PM - Nonlinear distortion - Wave terrain synthesis - Split synthesis - Granular and particle synthesis - Granulation and segmentation of sampled sounds - Vocoder - Analysis and resynthesis - Cross-synthesis - Convolution - Jitter for audio - Gen programming

"There is no shortage of books in the world that seek to demonstrate the erudition of their authors. It is harder, however, to find books that focus on the readers - taking them on a journey that will ultimately change them. The books by Cipriani and Giri belong to this rare category: they are books that explain. (...) The third volume of Electronic Music and Sound Design is a kaleidoscopic catalog of ideas and applications for analyzing, synthesizing, and transforming signals in a wide variety of ways. (...) Cipriani and Giri succeed in addressing everyone without weakening the theoretical basis and without unnecessary specializations - achieving a masterful balance of comprehensibility, functionality, and breadth." (From the foreword by Carmine-Emanuele Cella, Assistant Professor in Music and Technology, CNMAT - University of California, Berkeley).