SAP Fico Beginner's Handbook: SAP for Dummies 2020, SAP FICO Books, SAP Manual

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6SAP for Dummies, SAP Books

An SAP ERP Tutorial Book to learn SAP FICO without stress in step-by-step screenshots guided handholding approach.

The book explains the complex concepts in a simple language to guide YOU to gain confidence, get comfortable, and improve productivity using SAP FICO.

End-users and consultants who are in their first & second year of a career with SAP FICO will find this book beneficial the most.

How will YOU benefit from this SAP FICO Tutorial Book?

  • It helps YOU begin using SAP FICO on a solid note.
  • You will grasp the SAP overview and the concepts for a theoretical foundation;
  • You will start working with essential SAP TCodes & Standard Reports.
  • With this book, you can navigate in SAP FICO with confidence.
  • Your SAP FICO experience will be a pleasure with the SAP Tips & Ticks.
  • You will begin working with SAPStandard Reports like a Pro.

With this SAP Tutorial Book, begin your journey to understand and optimize using SAP FICO to take your career to greater heights.

You will find the book an easy read, with content very well organized and laid out.


Murugesan Ramaswamy