IQ Eq Dq: New Intelligence in the AI Age

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9Do you know that 60% of children around the world have experienced at least one cyber-risk such as cyber-bullying, technology addiction, misinformation, online sexual exploitation, and others?

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the digitalization of global society. Cyber-risks among children, digital skill gaps, and societal instability due to fake news and cyber-threats are rapidly increasing and widening inequality. Amidst these challenges, how can we move forward to realize a better future?

This book is about Park's social impact journey to develop DQ (Digital Intelligence) as the global standard for digital literacy, digital skills, and digital readiness with the belief that 'technology is only meaningful when it enhances humanness. It shares over a decade of her experiences and insights on the empowerment of individuals across more than 80 countries with digital citizenship, which constitutes the core life skills that are needed in the digital age to minimize cyber-risks and maximize human potential. The story invites all people to envision how DQ can help to reshape technology, education, and well-being in the digital age.

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