Google Pixel 4a User Guide: The Illustrated Step By Step Manual for Beginners and Seniors with Tips to Master the Pixel

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3Learn how to use your Pixel 4a with this illustrated guide!The Pixel 4a is the latest iteration of Google's budget-friendly line, taking the mainstream Pixel 4 and trimming a bit of extra fat to make it easier on the wallet. What you're left with at the end is a phone that has all of the Pixel 4's most impressive features, with almost no drawbacks, and a much lower cost.The Pixel 4A is geared toward people who are budget conscious or don't need or want all the bells and whistles, or companies that want a fleet of basic, yet modern, business smartphones.Google Pixel 4A user guide is all you need to understand your new device and also learn to get the best out of your new device. This book contains well illustrated images and easy to understand steps to help you. Here's what you'll find insideHow to Set Up Your Pixel 4a Phone-Transfer of Data from Your Current Phone-Transferring Data from An Android Phone To A Pixel-How to Connect Your Pixel 4a to a Wi-Fi the Way You Want-How to Change the Wallpaper On Your Pixel Phone- How to Skip Daily Wallpaper- How to Add Apps, Shortcuts, and Widgets to the Home Screen- Home Screens Organization- Managing Screen and the Display Settings- How to Use the Display Settings: Brightness Settings- RECEIVE ASSISTANCE DURING EMERGENCY THROUGH YOUR PIXEL PHONE- How to Put Emergency Info on Your Lock Screen- Controlling Who Gets Automatically Saved To Your Contacts- Stop automatically saving contacts you email- Transferring Music from a Computer to Your Phone or Tablet- How to Use Gestures on Your Device- How to Check Your Notifications-How to Change Your Interruptions Settings- How to Turn Notification Dots on Or Off- How to Use the On-Body Detection- View two apps simultaneously on the Pixel Phone- Camera and Photos- How to Print from Your DeviceAnd so much more!To grab a copy, please scroll to the top of this page and click the buy now button!
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