iPad Air 2020: The Complete Illustrated, Practical, Instructional Manual For Beginner And Senior To Effectively Master The New Apple

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Apple introduced a redesigned iPad Air in September 2020 with a 10.9-inch display, Touch ID power button, new A14 Bionic chip, new colour options, and much more.
Apple updated the iPad Air with a fourth-generation model that features a radical redesign that brings it closer to the iPad Pro.
You should look for a simplified guide to walk your way through your newly purchased ipad air after you lay your hands on them. You have come to the right place.
It is an illustrated, practical, instructional manual for beginner and senior to effectively master the new apple 4th generation ipad air.
Here is a preview of you will find in this guide:
how to setup your ipad
how to backup and restore data on ipad
how to use facetime
siri setup and more!
Having a copy of this guide will be a lot beneficial to you I asure.
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