Password Notebook: Large Print Internet Password Book with Tabs -Pocket Size Password Organizer -110 pages Alphabetically Arranged Passwo

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2Our Extra Large Print Password Keeper is just want you or your loved one needs!

How many times have you forgotten your internet password this year? Are your passwords stored on scrapes of paper that you easily lose or in notebooks where the font or spaces are too small to read?

Our Extra Large Print Password Keeper is just want you or your loved one need!

Do you ever struggle to remember which password goes with which internet login or username? If you are like the majority of us, you've lost count. Why not organize everything important in one portable password valut. A password notebook can easily stored at home, at work, in the office or even in your purse. Personal security is important. Keep all your websites, usernames and passwords and emails at your finger tips, arranged and organized in one large print notebook.

Password Notebook Features:

  • Extra Large Print- Great for the Elderly or anyone with eyesight issues
  • Alphabetically arranged A-Z
  • 4 pages for each letter of the alphabet (12 entries / letter)
  • 110 pages with plenty of room for notes and comments
  • Premium Cover Finish
  • Perfectly pocket sized 6" x 9"
  • Professional strong binding so pages will not fall out overtime

Get Organized, Get Secure, Get Our Large Print Password Book Today!

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