The Python Bible 7 in 1: Volumes One To Seven (Beginner, Intermediate, Data Science, Machine Learning, Finance, Neural Networks, Computer Visio

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0Become A Python Expert From Scratch!

Python's popularity is growing tremendously and it's becoming more and more relevant economically and technologically. The fields of appliaction of the language range from machine learning, over computer networking to business applications.

In this 7 in 1 version you get a full collection of The Python Bible series. From the first volume on, you will be lead on a structured way to the mastery of Python. Besides the basics and the intermediate concepts, you will also learn how to apply it in areas like machine learning, financial analysis and neural networks. At the end you will additionally be introduced to one of the most interesting fields of computer science, which is computer vision After reading this collection, you will not only understand the programming language but you will also be able to work on projects in the stated fields. You will become a true Python expert!

What You Will Learn: Beginner Level: - Basics of Programming with Python- Automation of Simple Processes- Programming of Modular Python Applications- Easy Transition to Other Languages (Java, C++ etc.)
Intermediate Level: - Object-Oriented Programming- Network Programming- Penetration Testing with Python- Regular Expressions- Multithreading- XML Processing- Database Programming- Logging
Data Science: - Analyzing and Processing Big Data- Statistical Calculations with Python- Visualization of Data- Working with NumPy, Matplotlib and Pandas
Machine Learning: - Predicting Data with Machine Learning- Building Neural Networks with Tensorflow- Recognizing Handwritten Digits with Neural Networks- Applying Linear Models like Regression- K-Nearest-Neighbors Classification- K-Means Clustering- Support Vector Machines
Finance: - Financial Analysis with Python- Analyzing and Graphing Stock Data- Plotting Trendlines- Predicting Share Prices with Machine Learning
Neural Networks: - Generating Poetic Texts with Neural Networks- Predicting Sequential Data (Stocks, Weather etc.)- Processing Audio and Video Data- Recognizing Objects Like Horses, Cars and Trucks on Images- Understanding Recurrent Neural Networks- Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks
Computer Vision: - Making unreadable texts readable again with thresholding- Extracting essential information out of images and videos- Edge detection- Template matching and feature matching- Movement detection in videos- Professional object recognition with OpenCV
Start Your Journey And Become A Python Expert With The Python Bible!
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