How to: Become an Email Ninja: Seven Steps to Getting More Done Faster in Email

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7Become an Email Ninja: Seven Steps to Getting More Done Faster in Email is the tool everyone needs to survive in our always-on, always-connected world. It is particularly well-suited to address the needs of people just entering the workforce and businesses struggling with the explosive growth in teleworking. It teaches readers *how to think* about messaging, not how to send messages. It merges the best advice for business communication with the author's deep insight into content framing based on 30 years of experience in small and large organizations. It is a systematic, integrated, and easily understandable approach for improving your email effectiveness by focusing on the people who have to read what you write. Email and text messaging are ubiquitous. Too many people get seduced by their dark side: informality and speed. They dash off ill-considered, poorly organized, stream of consciousness messages without a second thought about the problems this creates for recipients. Then they wonder why they don't get replies! The author rejects gimmicky, unrealistic goals like having zero messages in your inbox. Instead, he guides readers step-by-step through his system for managing reader attention to provide just what recipients need to understand and respond. Regardless of the applications they use, the book's readers will get what they need faster because their emails will focus like laser beams on the action they want and package it in a way most useful to recipients. The book includes checklist reminders for the main ideas and a sample email etiquette guide that can be easily adapted for different organizations.
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