Google Classroom: The 2020 Complete Guide for Teachers and Students on How to Learn Everything About Online Teaching

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Do you want to know the potential of google classroom?

You're an elementary school teacher and you want to know how to run your class?

In the last period it has been difficult to have an adequate didactic path.
Teachers and students have had to learn to follow the lessons online, and that's why this book does the right thing for them:

  • Benefits of Google Classroom.
  • How to get started with Google Classroom.
  • Useful applications for Google Classroom.
  • Student approach ideas on Google Classroom.
  • Tips and tricks to get the most out of the Google Classroom.
  • All the features provided by Google Classroom and related tools.
  • How to allow teachers to communicate with students effectively on Google Classroom.
  • How to make assignment, announcements, grading and enable students to communicate with each other on Google Classroom.
  • How to collect work and files of all students on the same page using Google dedicated tools.
  • How to improve students' commitment using technology.
  • Best practices of guru on Google Classroom.
  • How Google Classroom will boost your teaching.

    And much more...

    This book is an excellent guide for teachers and students who want to use Google classroom.

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