Virtual Classroom for Educators 2020: A Complete Guide to Learn Zoom Cloud Meeting and Microsoft Teams for Classroom Management, Conferences, Video We

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Are you a teacher, student, instructor?

Are you looking for a guide on how you can use Zoom to teach online and connect with your students effortlessly over video conferencing? Or are you looking for a companion guide that will teach you all you need to know about how to use the Microsoft infused classroom (Microsoft Teams)? Would you like to know how to use these two online platforms (Zoom and Microsoft Teams) as a teacher even if you don't have any digital teaching experience?

"Virtual Classroom for Educators 2020" is a 2-in-1 guide book written to show you how you can effectively teach and communicate with your students remotely using the Zoom and Microsoft Teams online apps. This bundle of 2 books reveals how teachers, instructors as well as students from all walks of life can easily use a web conferencing tool and a virtual classroom to teach their students from anywhere even if they don't have any digital experience.

Now that online and paperless teaching and learning is the norm, many teachers and students are turning to using Zoom and Microsoft Teams for their teaching/learning processes. Both apps are amazing tools, but they can be unnerving and confusing for some people. That is where this bundle of 2 books comes in to help.

Within the pages of this bundle, you will discover how to transition from traditional teaching to remote-virtual teaching using Zoom and Microsoft Teams even if you have zero tech experience. If you are a professional that has been using virtual classrooms for a while but want to discover even smarter ways of using Microsoft Teams and Zoom, all you need is the knowledge you'll find in this book.

Below is a preview of what you'll discover in this bundle:

  • What Zoom and Microsoft Teams are all about and how they actually work
  • Simple ways to set Up Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and use other apps with them
  • Amazing tips and tricks for both techy and non-techy teachers to use Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • How Zoom webinar works
  • Reasons to use Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • How to live stream with zoom
  • How to prevent your meetings from bombing (hack)
  • Advanced and up-to-date features of Zoom and Microsoft Teams

And lots more...

What else will you like to know?

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