MacBook For Seniors: The senior-focused instruction manual for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

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6Updated for macOS Monterey!
Written in an easy to follow way, with large text and images throughout, MacBook For Seniors reveals everything you need to know about the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. Using step-by-step guides, you'll learn how to install and use apps, make video calls to loved ones, check your email, plus so much more.
Walk into any Apple Store, and you'll quickly notice that there's more than one type of MacBook available. First up is the wedge-shaped MacBook Air, which combines elegant design with an affordable price. Then there's the MacBook Pro, which manages to squeeze incredible power into two sizes: 14.2-inch and 16.2-inch. Whichever MacBook you're fortunate enough to own -- don't worry -- because this book covers both of them. Whether you only need to learn the basics, or you want to discover some really advanced tips, MacBook For Seniors is here to help.
Inside you'll discover:
- Everything you need to know about MacBook Air & MacBook Pro
- How to set up your Mac
- How to use Touch ID and the TrackPad
- Detailed app tutorials
- How to edit photos
- Essential settings and configurations & much more!
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