Apple Watch Series 6: A Complete Step By Step User Guide For Beginners And Seniors To Learn How To Use The Apple Watch Series 6 Like A Pro W

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In the five years since it was launched, the Apple Watch has evolved from the series first model that we first saw to the golden standard for modern smart watches. The just-announced Series 6 continues down this path. The Series 6 features the most watch colors in product history. It also contains new features which includes the new WatchOS 7. You may have just purchased this device and want to make the most out of it, mastering the features, tips, and tricks to navigate through the device like a PRO

Well, With step-by-step images, this clear, easy, and practical guide has been created to aid you into the new and interesting world of the watch series 6 so that you can make the most out of this device

Here is an overview of what you would find in this book

  • How to set up your watch series 6 for yourself and for a family member
  • How to measure blood oxygen level
  • Features of watch series 6
  • How to use the always-on, compass, sleep, hand washing, and fall detection features
  • How to set up and make use of siri
  • How to set up and manage apple pay
  • Cool tips and tricks
  • And lots more

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