Excel 2020 for Beginners: The Complete Dummy to Expert Illustrative Guide with Examples That Teaches Everything You Need to Know about Microsoft

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Microsoft has added over a hundred new features and enhancements to Excel over the past years! The tools outlined in this guide book are among those that offer some of the greatest opportunities to all levels of Excel users to improve their efficiency and proficiency. Therefore, as you gain access to these tools - and others sure to follow - be sure to consider how you and your team members can and should take advantage of them to boost productivity. This book is specially made for business men, corporate bodies, organization, individuals, etc. who are looking for a means of learning Excel 365 from basic to advanced level.

In this Excel 2020 user guide, you'll:

  • Learn How to Analyze the Quality of Your Data with Power Query
  • Learn How to use Dynamic Array(FILTER, SORT, RANDARRY, SEQUENCE, SORTBY, and UNIQUE)
  • Learn How to enter basic formulas and calculations in excel
  • Learn How to select, activate and edit cells in excel
  • Learn How to Create and manage workbooks and worksheets
  • Learn How to create a spreadsheet in word
  • Learn How to create charts in excel: types and examples
  • Learn How to format an excel table
  • Learn powerful and essential Excel Formulas and Functions
  • Learn How to Illustrate using XLOOKUP
  • Learn How to Automate Data Analysis with Excel's Ideas Feature
  • Get familiar with Worksheet design
  • Find out how to work with charts and graphics
  • Use Excel for data management, analysis, modeling, and visualization
  • Basic and Professional Excel tips and tricks

And Lots more...

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