UX/UI Design 2021 For Beginners: A Simple Approach to UX/UI Design for Intuitive Designers

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3UI/UX design has become very popular in recent years despite the confusion that exists between them. This book settles the decades-long confusion regarding these two professions and also gives a comprehensive guide on how both designs work together to bring ideal designs to life.You will also learn how colors, fonts, images and the Kaizen concept plays a positive role in all UI/UX designs.Some information you will get from this book includeThe Differences between the UX and UI Which comes first in the design process? What are the different effects of UX and UI designs in web pages and applications? Choosing, Practicing and mastering a design tool Researching Creating surveys Steps to create an effective survey Tools for creating surveys online Involving colleagues, stakeholders and partners in the design process How different individuals might use the product or serviceOne on one interviews BrainstormingCompiling your research and putting them togetherDrafting diagrams of proposed user steps Drafting wireframes Creating a Prototype Bringing the UI designer into the picture Implementation and Design Frontend development and its languages Backend DevelopmentTestingQualitative and quantitative user research Usability testing Tips to getting a good usability testing Types of usability testingIterative testing Advantages of Iterative testing Steps to making a good iterative testing Signs of a good UX design Signs of a good UI design Designing the ideal digital product Making users the center of your design using UCD Taking a mobile first strategyFocusing on quality rather than quantity Information architecture (IA)Why you should be a UX and UI designer The user InterfaceHow graphic design knowledge helps in UI designUsing breathtakingimages Effects of colors and font Responsive and adaptive designAnd Lots moreScroll up and hit the BUY NOW WITH 1-CLICK Button to get started
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