3D Printing For Adults, Kids and Beginners: The 3D Printer Design Book of Ideas for Effective Use and Management; for Men, Women and Kids

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This book will empower and educate you on what 3D printing is about, how it works, the model, and many more.

This book will empower you to effectively manage, build and use (or update) your 3D printer.

The content covers essential topics which includes;

  • What 3D printing is about,
  • STL documents; what they are and their uses,
  • How to remove 3D Printer support structure and replace,
  • Uses of 3D Printer,
  • Various 3D printing processes,
  • Essential software,
  • Essential Hardware,
  • Choosing a 3D printer,
  • How to maintain your printer and filament.

...and much more.

Written in a clear and easy format, this book will educate you on how to effectively manage your 3D printer.

Independently Published