Anatomy of Cyber Attacks: Exploitation of the Weakest Link

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he weakest link in your cybersecurity chain with the help of an industry cyber expert.

In the age of information, malicious phishing is a significant threat to corporations within the retail industry. Yet many executives fail to understand a simple truth - most security education awareness training does not provide employees with the right kind of knowledge on how to recognize and prevent cyberattacks. As gatekeepers of information, employees play an integral role in safeguarding customer data. Yet, corporations continue to invest in technology to protect their information systems but neglect to improve employees' security knowledge base - a cyclical problem with often disastrous results.

Poor computing practices on behalf of employees put private information at risk. And while corporations take a technological approach to prevent phishing attacks, hackers and cybercriminals take advantage of the weakest link. So how do corporations change their approach to combating cyberattacks?

In Anatomy of Cyber Attacks, Dr. Jamaine Mungo promotes effective cybersecurity awareness training to help corporations:

- Implement practical and effective cyber security awareness training for employees

- Ensure secure computing practices amongst employees

- Protect confidential data and prevent financial loss as a result of phishing

A comprehensive guide to cyberattacks and how to avoid them, Anatomy of Cyber Attacks is a must read for anyone looking to fortify their cybersecurity. This informative book assists security practitioners in the cybersecurity industry with the implementation of effective self-paced cybersecurity awareness training and fosters secure computing practices within the workplace.

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