Guide on the Side: Winning with Courses in the Age of AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have come seemingly out of nowhere, and they're turning every industry upside down-including the world of online courses. The changes are both seismic and subtle, and no coach, consultant, or expertise-based entrepreneur can afford to ignore them.

In this book, you'll learn exactly what is changing, and what you need to do to come out ahead. Like, for example . . .

  • What Ernest Hemingway (of all people!) knew about the adoption of AI
  • The critical limitations (that most people don't understand) of popular AI technologies
  • The right way to use AI to speed up your course building (and business growth)
  • The *wrong* way to apply AI in your business, and the consequences if you do
  • The biggest impact of AI on the online courses industry (hint: it's not what you think!)
  • The type of online course (there's just ONE) that will see a spike in demand because of AI
  • How to use AI to engineer transformation that your audience will pay for
  • "Prompt Engineering"-what it is, and how to use it to save TONS of time with AI
  • Why AI makes selling courses harder (and an under-the-radar strategy to beat the odds)

. . . and a whole lot more. This book from Danny Iny and the team at Mirasee is your definitive guide to thriving with online courses in the age of AI.

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