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Business Rule Management Systems Experts

Since its beginnings in June of 2002, the Hartmann Software Group has been a leading provider of Business Rule Management Systems training and consulting services primarily by way of the Blaze Rule Engine aka Blaze Advisor. In this consulting capacity, we have worked for a number of major corporations

  1. as system architects responsible for a system wide redesign to incorporate Blaze Advisor as the rule repository engine.
  2. to develop an enterprise object model and rule repository from documentation and SME interviews
  3. to integrate Blaze Advisor into Java and .NET environments as EJBs and as a Window's service respectively
  4. as advisers and mentors that provide best practice solutions, proof of concepts, purchasing insights, job candidate interviews and code and design reviews

Instead of entrusting your company's business functionality to the talents of the novice engineer, employ, as others have, the services of the Hartmann Software Group as your Blaze Advisor Integrator. We have the expertise and experience needed to address all varieties of system integration.

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