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cost: $ 970length: 2 day(s)
This live virtual training course is designed to help you understand Amazon Web Services and acts as an introduction to cloud computing concepts and key AWS services. It will also help prepare you for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. If you are looking for credibility as an AWS professional, there is no better place to start than with Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. ------- ...
cost: $ 2690length: 5 day(s)
Digital Forensics is the investigation and recovery of data contained in digital devices. This data is often the subject of investigations in litigation, proof of guilt, and corrective action in an organization. When the time comes that you need to investigate your organization, will you have the skill set necessary to gather the digital data that you need? The Certified Digital Forensics ...
cost: $ 2290length: 4 day(s)
When a business is hit by a natural disaster, cyber crime or any other disruptive tragedy, how should it react? What if the office IT infrastructure is taken down? Will the business be able to continue operations? How much will it cost if the business is down during repairs? The answer lies in the training of the Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer course. Disaster recovery and business ...
cost: $ 970length: 2 day(s)
This live and interactive training is designed to help you prepare for the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) version 10 certification exam. In this training we will review Key topics and methodologies that you need to master the CEHv10 exam objectives Step by step examples of security penetration testing methodologies and concepts Sample questions for each of the topics covered in the ...
cost: $ 2800length: 3 day(s)
Validate your skills on the GAiA operating system. Check Point Security Administration R77 provides an understanding of the basic concepts and skills necessary to configure Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades. During this course you will configure a Security Policy and learn about managing and monitoring a secure network, upgrading and configuring a Security Gateway and ...
cost: $ 2800length: 3 day(s)
Learn to troubleshoot Check Point security systems. Check Point Security Engineering (R77 GAiA) is an advanced course that provides you training on how to effectively build, modify, deploy, and troubleshoot Check Point Security systems on the GAiA OS. You will learn about firewall processes, user and kernel processing, and Stateful Inspection. Labs include configuring security gateways, ...
cost: $ 3290length: 5 day(s)
In this in depth training, students will learn step-by-step approaches used by hackers globally, the latest attack vectors and how to safeguard against them, Incident Handling procedures (including developing the process from start to finish and establishing your Incident Handling team), strategies for each type of attack, recovering from attacks and much more. ...
cost: $ 2270length: 5 day(s)
The Certified Information Systems Security Manager certification Cyber Security Training Course is designed to teach towards and certify a information systems professionals high standard of excellence in following areas:   Information Security Governance Information Risk Management and Compliance Information Security Program ...
cost: $ 2800length: 5 day(s)
The CISSO covers all of the CISSP (10 Domain) exam objectives but allows the student to get certified with much more ease than the ISC2 exam process. Kevin Henry is the well-known security guru who created both these courses. The CISSO is the updated version with the latest and greatest content, which will also prepare the student for the CISSP exam. The CISSO course is designed for a forward-thin ...
cost: $ 3290length: 5 day(s)
The Certified Network Forensics Examiner was originally developed for a U.S. classified government agency. The C)NFE takes a digital and network forensic skill set to the next level by navigating through over twenty modules of network forensic topics. The CNFE provides practical experience through our lab exercises that simulate real-world scenarios which cover investigation and recovery of data ...
cost: $ 2800length: 5 day(s)
The Certified Professional Ethical Hacker course is the foundational training for the line of penetration testing courses. The CPEH certification training enables students to understand the importance of vulnerability assessments by providing industry knowledge and skills in Vulnerability Assessment. In doing so, the CPEH student is able to understand how malware and destructive viruses function. ...
cost: $ 2690length: 5 day(s)
The Certified Security Leadership Officer was designed for mid to C level managers as well as any engineers who seek to increase their knowledge in the security arena. The C)SLO course was designed to give management an essential understanding of current security issues, best practices, and technology. Because a security officer or manager understands the value of security, he or she is prepared ...
cost: $ 2290length: 3 day(s)
The Certified Vulnerability Assessor training help students understand the importance of vulnerability assessments by providing intricate knowledge and skills in the Vulnerability Assessment arena. The CVA course provides foundational knowledge of general VA tools as well as popular exploits an IT engineer should be familiar with. ...
cost: $ 690length: 1 day(s)
Kali Linux is a Linux-based distribution used mainly for penetration testing and digital forensics. It has a wide range of tools to help in forensics investigations and incident response mechanisms. You will start by understanding the fundamentals of digital forensics and setting up your Kali Linux environment to perform different investigation practices. The book will delve into the realm ...
cost: $ 2290length: 3 day(s)
Mile2â??s IS 20 Controls course covers proven general controls and methodologies that are used to execute and analyze the Top Twenty Most Critical Security Controls. This course allows the security professional to see how to implement controls in their existing network(s) though highly effective and economical automation. For management, this training is the best way to distinguish how you&a ...
cost: $ 2290length: 5 day(s)
The Information Systems Certification and Accreditation Professional training quantifies the process of certifying, reviewing and accrediting an information system by IT professionals. This certification is designed to provide, through its contents and referenced resources, a complete guide to establishing a certified and accredited information system in any organization. ...
cost: $ 2090length: 3 day(s)
This course is for software engineers/developers in need of developing applications that are hacker secure.  It covers all relevant and some not so relevant pentest topics. ...

AWS Classes

cost: $ 970length: 2 day(s)
This live virtual training course covers the essentials of machine learning on AWS and prepares a candidate to sit for and clear the AWS Machine Learning-Specialty (ML-S) certification exam. Instructor Noah Gift covers the four core areas of the certification: Data Engineering, EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis), Machine Learning Modeling, and ML Operations. The final portion of the course covers ...

JUnit, TDD, CPTC, Web Penetration Classes

cost: $ 3290length: 4 day(s)
The Certified Penetration Testing Consultant course is designed for IT Security Professionals and IT Network Administrators who are interested in conducting Penetration tests against large network infrastructures similar to large corporate networks, Services Providers and Telecommunication Companies. Instead of focusing on operating system level penetration testing, this course covers techniques ...
cost: $ 690length: 2 day(s)
This course provides students with a solid foundation on penetration testing as it applies to web applications. Those looking to identify how to perform a Penetration Test against web applications and present findings to a customer/employer in a professional manner. ...

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the hartmann software group advantage
A successful career as a software developer or other IT professional requires a solid understanding of software development processes, design patterns, enterprise application architectures, web services, security, networking and much more. The progression from novice to expert can be a daunting endeavor; this is especially true when traversing the learning curve without expert guidance. A common experience is that too much time and money is wasted on a career plan or application due to misinformation.

The Hartmann Software Group understands these issues and addresses them and others during any training engagement. Although no IT educational institution can guarantee career or application development success, HSG can get you closer to your goals at a far faster rate than self paced learning and, arguably, than the competition. Here are the reasons why we are so successful at teaching:

  • Learn from the experts.
    1. We have provided software development and other IT related training to many major corporations since 2002.
    2. Our educators have years of consulting and training experience; moreover, we require each trainer to have cross-discipline expertise i.e. be Java and .NET experts so that you get a broad understanding of how industry wide experts work and think.
  • Discover tips and tricks about Security programming
  • Get your questions answered by easy to follow, organized Security experts
  • Get up to speed with vital Security programming tools
  • Save on travel expenses by learning right from your desk or home office. Enroll in an online instructor led class. Nearly all of our classes are offered in this way.
  • Prepare to hit the ground running for a new job or a new position
  • See the big picture and have the instructor fill in the gaps
  • We teach with sophisticated learning tools and provide excellent supporting course material
  • Books and course material are provided in advance
  • Get a book of your choice from the HSG Store as a gift from us when you register for a class
  • Gain a lot of practical skills in a short amount of time
  • We teach what we know…software
  • We care…
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