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Course Description


Security+ is one of the most popular security certifications in the IT industry and is usually the first that IT professionals attempt. It is a three-year renewable certification that is required by the DoD and other government agencies, not to mention many corporations. The Security+ exam shows employers that a person has developed a foundation of the necessary skills needed to secure applications, computers and networks in the workplace.

This live training and self- study combo course will cover the SYO-501 exam, is taught by authors of the official CompTIA A+ Exam Cram and CompTIA Security+ Cert Guide and is designed to give you the information you need to pass the exam and start your successful career as a security professional.

You will learn: - Explore security threats, attacks and vulnerabilities, and how to defend against and prevent these from occurring. - Understand how security technologies and tools function. For example, firewalls, proxies, NAC, NIDS/NIPS, DLP, protocol analyzers, network scanners, and much more. - Learn about security architecture and design including concepts such as defense-in-depth, benchmarking, industry-standard frameworks, secure network design, and secure systems design. - Compare and contrast various identity and access management technologies such as single sign-on and federation, and LDAP, Kerberos, MS-CHAP, NTLM, plus access control models such as MAC, DAC, ABAC, and RBAC. - Examine risk management as it applies to security and technology. Summarize incident response and computer forensics. - Discover cryptography and public key infrastructure (PKI). - Explore exam-taking tips and techniques.

Course Length: 2 Days
Course Tuition: $1170 (US)


Attendees are expected to have a basic knowledge of computers and computer networking and preferably a minimum of two years experience in IT administration with a focus on security.

Course Outline


Part 1: Computer Systems Security

Length: 1 hour

- Course Introduction

- Brief introduction to security.

- Computer Systems Security

- Delivery mechanisms

- How to prevent and troubleshoot malware

- Implementing security applications

-  Securing computer hardware and peripherals

- Securing mobile devices

Attendees will follow along with hands-on exercises.


10 Minute Break


Part 2: OS Hardening, Virtualization, and Application Security

Length: 1 hour

- How to harden operating systems

- Virtualization technology

- Securing the browser

- Secure programming

Attendees will follow along with hands-on exercises.


10 Minute Break


Part 3: Network Security

Length: 1 hour

- Network design elements

- Networking protocols and threats

- Network perimeter security

- Securing network media and devices                 

Attendees will follow along with hands-on exercises.


10 Minute Break


Part 5: Physical Security, Authentication, and Access Control

Length: 1 hour

- Introduction to physical security

- Authentication models

- Access control models

- Rights, permissions, and policies

- Attendees will follow along with hands-on exercises.





Part 6: Vulnerability/Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Auditing

Length: 1 hour

- Conducting Risk Assessments

- Assessing Vulnerability with Security Tools

- Monitoring methodologies

- Using tools to monitor systems and networks

- Conducting audits

Attendees will follow along with hands-on exercises.


10 Minute Break


Part 7: Encryption and PKI

Length: 1 hour

-   Cryptography concepts

- Encryption algorithms

- Hashing basics

- Public key infrastructure

- Security Protocols

Attendees will follow along with hands-on exercises.


10 Minute Break


Part 8: Redundancy, Disaster Recovery, and People!

Length: 1 hour

- Redundancy planning

- Disaster recovery planning and procedures

- Social engineering methods and prevention

- User education

- Facilities security

Attendees will follow along with hands-on exercises.


10 Minute Break


Part 9: Policies and Procedures and Exam Preparation

Length: 1 hour

- Legislative and organizational policies

- Incident response procedures

- IT security frameworks

- Exam taking tips and tricks

- Sample questions

- Q & A

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