Fundamentals of Project Management (one day) Training

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Course Description

This course is designed for individuals whose primary job is not project management, but who manage projects on an informal basis. Also, anyone who is considering a career path in project management and desiring a complete overview of the field and its generally accepted practices can take up this course.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $390 (US)



Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Project Management
Topic 1A: Describe a Project
Topic 1B: Describe the Project Management Life Cycle
Topic 1C: Identify the Role of a Project Manager
Lesson 2: Initiating a Project
Topic 2A: Determine the Scope of a Project
Topic 2B: Identify the Skills for a Project Team
Topic 2C: Identify the Risks to a Project
Lesson 3: Planning for Time and Cost
Topic 3A: Create a Work Breakdown Structure
Topic 3B: Sequence the Activities
Topic 3C: Create a Project Schedule
Topic 3D: Determine Project Costs
Lesson 4: Planning for Project Risks, Communication, and Change Control
Topic 4A: Analyze the Risks to a Project
Topic 4B: Create a Communication Plan
Topic 4C: Plan for Change Control
Lesson 5: Managing a Project
Topic 5A: Begin Project Work
Topic 5B: Execute the Project Plan
Topic 5C: Track Project Progress
Topic 5D: Report Performance
Topic 5E: Implement Change Control
Lesson 6: Executing the Project Closeout Phase
Topic 6A: Close a Project
Topic 6B: Create a Final Report

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