Updating your TFS Administration Skills for TFS 2017 Training

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Course Description

This course is designed for experienced TFS administrators looking to quickly update their skills to the latest version of Microsoft Team Foundation Server. The course focuses primarily on new features in the TFS 2017 release with some coverage of features released in TFS 2015. This course combines both technical presentations as well as hands-on lab exercises designed to ensure attendees gain a solid, practical understanding of how to administer TFS 2017 in modern work environments.
Course Length: 2 Days
Course Tuition: $1570 (US)


This course requires attendees to have previously attended our -TFS Configuration and Administration course- for 2012, 2013 or 2015. If you have not attended one of these courses, please consider the 4-day -TFS 2017 Configuration and Administration- course for a more complete learning experience.

Course Outline

Module 1 – A Lap Around Changes in Visual Studio 2017
What’s new in the Visual Studio 2017 family?
Enabling new navigation
The new Work Item Forms
Module 2 – Upgrading to TFS 2017
The new Configuration Wizard
Performing a migration to new hardware
In-place upgrade
Gotchas to look out for
Module 3 – Package Management
Planning your installation
Installing Package Management
Creating a feed
Configuring security on feeds
Module 4 – Code Search
Planning your installation
Installing Code Search
Optimizing for best performance
Troubleshooting Code Search
Module 5 – Build & Release
Summary of latest changes to Build and Release
Installing and configuring agents
Upgrading existing agents
Installing cross platform build agents
Retention policy updates
Module 6 – Extensions
Understanding extensions
Installing and managing extensions from the MarketPlace
Creating and installing your own extensions
Module 7 – Process Template Customization
Changes in the latest process templates
Understanding inherited templates
How to customize templates in TFS 2017
Module 8 – Security and Permissions
Summary of changes
New permissions

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