Intermediate Android Development Training in Hartford

Enroll in or hire us to teach our Intermediate Android Development class in Hartford, Connecticut by calling us @303.377.6176. Like all HSG classes, Intermediate Android Development may be offered either onsite or via instructor led virtual training. Consider looking at our public training schedule to see if it is scheduled: Public Training Classes
Provided there are enough attendees, Intermediate Android Development may be taught at one of our local training facilities.
We offer private customized training for groups of 3 or more attendees.

Course Description

This intermediate-level course flows directly from Introduction to Android Development, to guide students through an exploration of some of the more sophisticated capabilities of the Android OS and to empower them to build polished Android applications, activities, and services. Like its precursor, this course focuses on practical concerns faced by the corporate IT developer. The primary case-study application connects popular mobile features such as maps and multimedia with a RESTful web service and a JPA persistence tier that connects to a fully-worked enterprise database (15 tables, 998 rows). The mobile side of the application includes 47 Java classes and 8 distinct activities. Supporting applications provide overlapping exercise in key techniques such as using asynchronous tasks, communicating with external applications, and error-handling.
Course Length: 4 Days
Course Tuition: $1790 (US)


Introductory knowledge of Android programming is required.

Course Outline


Chapter 1. Database Storage

  • SQLite
  • The SQLiteDatabase Class
  • The SQLiteOpenHelper Class
  • Installing Databases
  • The query Methods
  • Using Cursors
  • Database Updates

Chapter 2. Networking and Web Services

  • Apache HttpClient
  • Consuming RESTful Web Services
  • Building URLs
  • Parsing JSON
  • Parsing XML
  • Connected Applications
  • Offline Operation and Server Synchronization

Chapter 3. Asynchronous Tasks

  • The UI Thread
  • Background Tasks
  • Loopers and Handlers
  • Using AsyncTask
  • Using ProgressDialog
  • Error Handling

Chapter 4. Services

  • The Roles of Services
  • Invoking a Service
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Communication with the Application
  • Communication with Activities
  • Sending Notifications
  • Pending Intents
  • Downloaders
  • Polling Web Services

Chapter 5. Inter-Process Communication

  • Breaking Out
  • Using the Clipboard
  • Linkifying Text
  • Implicit Intents
  • Invoking Built-In Applications and Services
  • Accepting Implicit Intents
  • Passing Data
  • MIME Types

Chapter 6. Multimedia

  • Playing Sounds
  • Haptic Feedback (Vibrating)
  • Managing Images
  • Storage and Retrieval
  • Invoking the Camera
  • Invoking the Media Recorder
  • Gallery and other Image Views

Chapter 7. Location Services and Maps

  • Location Services
  • Location Notifications
  • The Google Maps API
  • License Terms and Maps API Keys
  • Map View and Map Activity Classes
  • Configuring a Map
  • Controlling a Map
  • Events
  • Projections
  • Map Overlays
  • Item Overlays
  • Custom Overlays

Chapter 8. Publishing

  • The App Market
  • Preparing Your App
  • Debug vs. Release Builds
  • Signing an APK File
  • Publishing Your Application
  • Application Metadata
  • Updates and Support

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