Blaze Advisor RMA Training

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Course Description

This courses offers expertise in the development of an RMA (Rule Management Application). Upon completion, students should feel very comfortable creating a variety of templates, placeholders and providers.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $1190 (US)


Students must have taken Blaze Advisor Training or have a solid grasp of Rulesets, Ruleflows and the Structured Rule Language (SRL).

Course Outline


RMA Introduction

Create an RMA
How are RMA's Designed
Placeholders, Value holders & Providers (PVP's)
Creating PVP's
Value holder reuse
Templates & Instances
Generating Instances
RMAG and generating RMA Interface

Creating a Rule Template
What is/why use a rule template
Creating a rule template from a rule set
RMA & your business
Action/Condition Templates
Provider Types
User Defined Providers
Create a List Provider
Conditional Rendering

Creating Rule Flows & Custom Providers
brUnit Testing
The ins/outs of Repository Management

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