Advanced JBoss 7 /EAP 6 Server Administration Training

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Course Description


The course starts with a quick refresher on server structure, architecture, and usage. It then moves on to covering the management tools in depth, with special focus on the CLI - its management structure, how to use it, and how to write scripts for it. It includes coverage of managing the HornetQ messaging subsystem, RBAC (Role Based Access Control), and in-depth coverage of clustering that includes usage and configuration of Infinispan for caching in a cluster. It also includes in-depth coverage of creating and managing domains, as well as an introduction to the open-source RHQ management platform that forms the basis for JON (JBoss Operations Network).

Course Length: 4 Days
Course Tuition: $1690 (US)


Some experience in working with JBoss servers.

Course Outline

JBoss Server - A Quick Overview
JBoss Server Family - JBoss AS, EAP, WildFly
Server structure and layout
Architecture Review
Modular Classloading / JBoss Modules, Application Dependencies
Profiles and Subsystems
Exploring the XML Config Schema Files
Management Tools
CLI Overview/Review, Management Tree Structure, Addressing, Operations
CLI Command Files and Scripting
Using Properties in Command Files
Exploring the Management Model
Management (Web) Console Review
Interface and Socket Bindings
Review of Interface/Socket Binding Configuration
Session 5: Application Deployment
CLI Deployment
Auto Deployment Review and Management with the CLI
Deployment Classloading
Classloading Precedence - Implicit, Automatic, Explicit
Controlling Classloading - jboss-deployment-structure.xml
HornetQ Overview and Configuration
Configuring Destinations
Configuration of Address Setting (for Dead Letter, Redelivery, and Security
Paging Configuration and Producer Flow Control
Management via the CLI
Security Review - Security Realms and Security Domains
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Encryption Overview
Masking Sensitive Strings Using the Vault
Clustering and Replication with Infinispan
Clustering Review / Setting up a Cluster
Infinispan and Replication Overview
Infinispan Subsystem Configuration
Customizing Replication
Infinispan and JPA - Using Infinispan as a second level cache
Configuring and Managing Domains
Domain Mode Review - Structure and Configuration
Managing Controllers and Servers (Console and CLI)
Managing Deployments
Advanced Topics
Operating a Domain without a DC
Handling Controller Restarts after Config Changes
Running Controllers in ADMIN_ONLY Mode
RHQ Management Console
Overview of RHQ - Structure, Server, Agents
Acquiring and Installing RHQ and its Associated Database (Postgres)
Working with Inventory - Auto-Discovery, Importing, Viewing Details
Monitoring Inventory with RHQ
Administering RHQ
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