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Course Description

This course will provide each participant with an introduction to the capabilities, features and abilities of Oracle Enterprise Service Bus for managing and deploying processes. ESB functions and capabilities, Service Component Architecture, communication methods, define the role of SCA components, discuss ESB communication patterns, depict use of business rules, human tasks, state machines and process models, ESB and Message Broker integration and a comparison between the ESB and the Message Broker. All aspects of this class will illustrate the architecture and design of an efficient and effective SOA environment.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $390 (US)


An understanding of application development and basic design methodologies.

Course Outline


Enterprise Service Bus
Basic SOA Components
Hot Pluggable Components
ESB Definition
What is an ESB
ESB Moves Data
Evolution of the Bus
ESB Core Features
ESB Value Added
Primary ESB Patterns
ESB Topology
Ranking the ESBs
ESB Vendors
Who Needs BAM
Business Activity Monitoring
BAM/User Experience

ESB Components and Capabilities
Enterprise Service Bus
What is an ESB?
Basic ESB Pattern
Elements of Basic ESB Pattern
ESB Architecture
Using ESB Functionality
Enterprise Service Bus
Added Value to Application Server
Multiple Interaction Patterns
ESB Communication
ESB Capabilities
ESB Components
ESB Product Relationships
Major ESB Components
Service Components Mediations
ESB and Message Broker
Message Broker as ESB
ESB Patterns
Interaction Patterns

Development with ESB
ESB Suite Components
ESB Integration Features
ESB Connectivity
Document Transformation
Content & Header = Based Routing
Creating, Configuring and Managing
Oracle ESB Control
Sun ESB Control
WebSphere ESB Control
Basic ESB Architecture
Developer IDE
Introduction to Oracle Developer
IDE Application Components
Design Tab and Component Palette
Service Definitions and Routing Rules
ESB and Message Broker
What is an ESB?
SOA with an ESB
Functions of an ESB
Different Kinds of ESB
The Advanced ESB
Building SOA Enabled Applications
Adding Message Broker
ESB Function: Protocol Support
Protocols ? Input and Output Nodes
Protocol Support
ESB Function ? Routing
Message Broker Routing Nodes
Building a Routing Flow
Routing Concepts
ESB Function ? Transformation
Transformation ? Graphical Mapping
Transformation ? ESQL and XSLT
ESB Function ? Event Handling
Message Broker Event Nodes
Complex Event Processing
Complex Event Processing Nodes
Security Considerations for an ESB
ESB Performance Considerations
SOA Lifecycle and ESB
SOA Lifecycle ? Model and Compose
SOA Lifecycle Model
SOA Lifecycle ? Compose
SOA Loose Coupling
SOA Lifecycle ? Deploy
SOA Lifecycle ? Monitor
SOA Lifecycle ? Monitor ESB
Monitoring ? The Wider Picture

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