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Course Description

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer Exam
Course Length: 5 Days
Course Tuition: $2690 (US)


A minimum of 12 months experience in networking technologies Sound knowledge of TCP/IP Knowledge of Microsoft packages Network+, Microsoft, Security+ Basic Knowledge of Linux is essential

Course Outline

Module 1: Business and Technical Logistics of Pen Testing
Lab Getting Set Up
Exercise 1 Naming and subnet assignments
Exercise 2 Discovering your class share
Exercise 3 VM Image Preparation
Exercise 4 Discovering the Student Materials
Exercise 5 PDF Penetration Testing Methodologys review
Module 2: Linux Fundamentals
Lab Linux Fundamentals
Exercise 1 ifconfig
Exercise 2 Mounting a USB Thumb Drive
Exercise 3 Mount a Windows partition
Exercise 4 VNC Server
Exercise 5 Preinstalled tools in BackTrack 5
Module 3: Information Gathering
Lab Information Gathering
Exercise 1 Google Queries
Exercise 2 Footprinting Tools
Exercise 3 Getting everything you need with Maltego
Exercise 4 Using Firefox for Pen Testing
Exercise 5 Documentation of the assigned tasks
Module 4: Detecting Live Systems
Module 4 Lab Detecting Live Systems 
Exercise 1 Look@LAN
Exercise 2 Zenmap
Exercise 3 Zenmap in BackTrack 5
Exercise 4 NMAP Command Line
Exercise 5 Hping2
Exercise 6 Unicornscan
Exercise 7 Documentation of the assigned tasks
Module 5: Enumeration
Lab Reconnaissance 
Exercise 1 Banner Grabbing
Exercise 2 Zone Transfers
Exercise 3 SNMP Enumeration
Exercise 4 LDAP Enumeration
Exercise 5 Null Sessions
Exercise 6 SMB Enumeration
Exercise 7 SMTP Enumeration
Exercise 8 Documentation of the assigned tasks
Module 6: Vulnerability Assessments
Lab Vulnerability Assessment 
Exercise 1 Run Nessus for Windows
Exercise 2 Run Saint
Exercise 3 Documentation of the assigned tasks
Module 7: Malware Goes Undercover
Lab Malware 
Exercise 1 Netcat (Basics of Backdoor Tools)
Exercise 2 Exploiting and Pivoting our Attack
Exercise 3 Creating a Trojan
Exercise 4 Documentation of the assigned tasks
Module 8: Windows Hacking
Lab Windows Hacking 
Exercise 1 Cracking a Windows Password with Linux
Exercise 2 Cracking a Windows Password with Cain
Exercise 3 Covering your tracks via Audit Logs
Exercise 4 Alternate Data Streams
Exercise 5 Stegonagraphy
Exercise 6 Understanding Rootkits
Exercise 7- Windows 7 Client Side Exploit (Browser)
Exercise 8- Windows 2008 SMBv2 Exploit
Exercise 9 Documentation of the assigned tasks
Module 9: Hacking UNIX/Linux
Lab Hacking UNIX/Linux 
Exercise 1 Setup and Recon Do you remember how?
Exercise 2 Making use of a poorly configured service
Exercise 3 Cracking a Linux password
Exercise 4 Creating a backdoor and covering our tracks
Exercise 5 Documentation of the assigned tasks
Module 10: Advanced Exploitation Techniques
Lab Advanced Vulnerability and Exploitation Techniques 
Exercise 1 Metasploit Command Line
Exercise 2 Metasploit Web Interface
Exercise 3 Exploit-DB.com
Exercise 4 Saint
Exercise 5 Documentation
Module 11: Pen Testing Wireless Networks
Lab Attacking Wireless Networks
Exercise 1 War Driving Lab
Exercise 2 WEP Cracking Lab (classroom only)
Exercise 3 Documentation
Module 12: Networks, Sniffing and IDS
Lab Networks, Sniffing and IDS
Exercise 1 Capture FTP Traffic
Exercise 2 ARP Cache Poisoning Basics
Exercise 3 ARP Cache Poisoning – RDP
Exercise 4 Documentation
Module 13: Injecting the Database
Lab Database Hacking
Exercise 1 Hacme Bank Login Bypass
Exercise 2 Hacme Bank Verbose Table Modification
Exercise 3 Hacme Books Denial of Service
Exercise 4 Hacme Books Data Tampering
Exercise 5 Documentation of the assigned tasks
Module 14: Attacking Web Technologies
Lab Hacking Web Applications
Exercise 1 Input Manipulation
Exercise 2 Shoveling a Shell
Exercise 3 Hacme Bank Horizontal Privilege Escalation
Exercise 4 Hacme Bank Vertical Privilege Escalation
Exercise 5 Hacme Bank Cross Site Scripting
Exercise 6 Documentation of the assigned tasks
Module 15: Project Documentation
A5 Lab Cryptography
Exercise 1 Caesar Encryption
Exercise 2 RC4 Encryption
Exercise 3 IPSec Deployment Post-Class Lab CORE IMPACT
Exercise 1 CORE IMPACT

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