DevOps Fundamentals Training in North Las Vegas

Enroll in or hire us to teach our DevOps Fundamentals class in North Las Vegas, Nevada by calling us @303.377.6176. Like all HSG classes, DevOps Fundamentals may be offered either onsite or via instructor led virtual training. Consider looking at our public training schedule to see if it is scheduled: Public Training Classes
Provided there are enough attendees, DevOps Fundamentals may be taught at one of our local training facilities.
We offer private customized training for groups of 3 or more attendees.

Course Description

The 3-day DevOps Fundamentals Select course provides an extensive introduction to the core Agile DevOps principles covering the essential knowledge and skill competences that have been defined by the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). This course is designed to provide the core education necessary to build your DevOps vocabulary and to understand its principles and practices. With the help of key DevOps concepts and terminology, real-life case studies, examples and interactive group discussions and extensive exercises in each module individuals involved in IT development, operations or IT service management will acquire a fundamental understanding of DevOps.
Course Length: 3 Days
Course Tuition: $1690 (US)


Basic familiarity with Agile, Scrum, Lean, and ITSM principles is beneficial

Course Outline

Module 1: Course Introduction
• Let’s Get to Know Each Other
• Overview
• DASA Competence Framework
• Course Objectives
• DASA: Mastering DevOps in Practice (Knowledge and Skills)
• Course Agenda
• Type of Activities
• Exam
• Course Book
• Technical Glossary
• Question and Answer
• Activity: Group Discussion
Module 2: DevOps Introduction
• Emergence of DevOps
• Activity: Group Discussion
• Core Concepts of DevOps
• Activity: Group Discussion
• Activity: Group Discussion
Module 3: Culture
• Essence of a DevOps Culture
• Key Elements of DevOps
• Implementation of a DevOps Culture
• Activity: Group Discussion
Module 4: Organization
• Organizational Model
• Autonomous Teams
• Activity: Group Discussion
• Architecting for DevOps
• Governance
Module 5: Processes
• Module Objectives
• Module Topics
• Process Basics
• DevOps in Relation to ITSM
• Activity: Group Discussion
• Agile and Scrum
• Activity: Task/Switching Game
• Optimizing Processes Using Lean
• Business Value Optimization and Business Analysis Using Story Mapping
Module 6: Automation
• Module Objectives
• 6A Automation Concepts
• 6A Automation Concepts: Automation for Delivery of Software
• 6A Automation Concepts: Continuous Delivery Core Concepts
• 6A Automation Concepts: Continuous Delivery Automation Concepts
• 6A Automation Concepts: Continuous Delivery Automation Focus Topics
• 6B Data Center Automation
• 6B Data Center Automation: Cloud Technology and Principles
• 6B Data Center Automation: Cloud Services Concepts in a DevOps Organization
• 6B Data Center Automation: Automated Provisioning Concepts
• 6B Data Center Automation: Platform Product Characteristics and Application Maturity
• Activity: Group Discussion
Module 7: Measure and Improvement
• Importance of Measurement
• Choosing the Right Metrics
• Monitoring and Logging
Exam Information:
- The DevOps Fundamentals exams are delivered by APMG and iSQI. The participants and
training organizations can attain the vouchers for the exam through ITpreneurs.
- Duration 60 minutes, 15-minutes additional time for non-native candidates
# of questions 40, simple multiple choice (1 mark per question)
- Pass Grade 65%

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