Biztalk Expert Series: EDI Training

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Course Description

This three-day course is designed for experienced BizTalk Developers and Administrators who are responsible for planning, creating, and deploying EDI-based integration solutions in a BizTalk Server 2013 environment. Attendees of this course will learn how to implement sophisticated business-to-business integration solutions using EDIFACT, X12 (including HIPAA), and AS2. The BizTalk Expert Series: EDI course content includes instructor-led presentation materials, classroom demonstrations, challenging hands-on labs, and an electronic workbook containing notes and links to additional online resources.
Course Length: 3 Days
Course Tuition: $2090 (US)


Individuals who attend this course are expected to have the knowledge and skills taught in the BizTalk Developer Immersion course including: Creating schemas Building BizTalk maps Routing messages Integrating using adapters and ports Creating BizTalk orchestrations Deploying BizTalk applications

Course Outline


Module 1: Review of BizTalk Fundamentals

  • BizTalk Server Architecture
  • Lab: Creating a BizTalk Solution

Module 2: Integrating with Trading Partners

  • A Brief History of EDI
  • VAN Architecture
  • The Pieces of a TPM Solution
  • Lab: Creating an EDI Integration Solution

Module 3: EDI Agreement Deep Dive

  • The Role of Agreements
  • Creating Agreements for X12 Processing
  • Creating Agreements for EDIFACT Processing
  • Lab: Configuring Agreements

 Module 4: Creating Messaging-Based EDI Solutions

  • Routing Messages using Promoted Properties
  • Lab: Creating a Messaging-Based Integration Solution
  • Working with Acknowledgements
  • Lab: Configuring Acknowledgement Processing for EDI Messages

 Module 5: Splitting EDI Interchanges

  • De-Batching EDI Messages
  • Lab: Splitting EDI Batches
  • Performance Considerations for Large Messages

 Module 6: Enabling EDI Message Batching

  • The Provided EDI Batching Mechanism
  • Lab: Batching EDI Messages

 Module 7: Enabling AS2-Based Integration

  • AS2 Architecture
  • Configuring AS2 Settings
  • Lab: Creating an AS2-Based Integration Solution

 Module 8: Tracking Events and Data from EDI Messages

  • Tracking EDI and AS2 Messages
  • Lab: Enabling Tracking for EDI Messages

 Module 9: Working with EDI Schemas

  • Review of BizTalk Schemas
  • Working with EDI Schemas
  • Enabling HIPAA Sub-Document Splitting
  • Lab: Extracting and Customizing Edi/HIPAA Schemas (60 Minutes)

 Module 10: Transforming EDI Messages

  • Transforming EDI Messages
  • Lab: Building Maps for Transforming EDI Messages

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