F# Programming Essentials Training

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Course Description

This class is configured for the experienced software developer to learn how to write, maintain and debug F# console apps, address some of F#'s core functionality and write both functional and object oriented code.
Course Length: 2 Days
Course Tuition: $790 (US)


Some software development experience in languages like C, C++, C# or Java would be ideal. An understanding of control statements, functions and data holders i.e. Arrays/Structures/Records is needed.

Course Outline


1.  Introduction to Silverlight

Install F#

Describes F# application components

Explore the process used by the F# interpretor and compilter

Write a simple application


2. Datatypes and Operators

Define and Use Primitive Types

Define and Use Identifiers

Use Operators and Operator Precedence

Use conversions and Scope

List non-Primitive Types


3. Control Flow

Use Booleans and Conditional Operators

Use Iterators and Loops


4. Aggregate Data

Explore arrays, lists, tuples and sequences

Manipulate aggregate data

Review aggregate type decisions and when to use which type


5. Functions

Create and Invoke

Describe constraints and Function Passing

Explore Specialized Function Usage


6. Object Models

Real World Modeling

Classification and Functionality Explored


7. Classes

Explore Object Oriented Development Concepts

Define and Use Objects

Create and Use Member Functions


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