Beginning Modern JavaScript Development with Microservices, WebRTC, and React Training

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Course Description


This 3-day, fast-paced practical course focuses on application development while discussing the JavaScript libraries that help to build them. We not only look at building these applications but also explore a number of best practices to be followed. 

JavaScript has managed to remain the most popular choice for web developers. In fact, around 88% of the websites developed to date have some part of JavaScript code in the background. With features such as native browser support and client-side processing, JavaScript will ensure that its relevance is not lost. By learning to implement JavaScript in your web applications, you can ensure seamless interaction and increase the dynamic aspects of your application.

Course Length: 3 Days
Course Tuition: $1570 (US)


This course is ideal for client-side JavaScript developers.

Course Outline



Microservices Architecture

Topic A: Introduction to Microservices Architecture
Introduction to Seneca
Topic A: Using Seneca
Topic B: Creating Your First Seneca Application
Topic A: WebRTC
Topic B: WebRTC Applications Using PeerJS
Topic C: Introduction to Socket.IO
Functional Reactive Programming
Topic A: Introduction to Reactive Programming
Topic B: Functional Programming in a Nutshell
Using the FRP Library – Bacon.js
Topic A: Errors and Exception Handling in Bacon.js
Topic B: Bacon APIs
React and Flux
Topic A: Understanding React
Topic B: Getting Started with JSX
Topic C: Flux and Flux.js
Topic D: Introduction to React Router

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