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Course Description

jQuery is a JavaScript toolkit that significantly simplifies rich web based application development. This course teaches a developer the programmatic aspects of jQuery based application development, for the purpose of creating dynamic web pages (rather than focusing on general topics on aesthetics and web design). The class is not specific to any vendor's platform and it equally applies to Java, .NET, PHP etc. During this course, you will develop a solid understanding of the syntax and features provided by the jQuery API. To this end, all lab exercises utilize a simple text editor (Crimson) and basic HTTP server (Apache) to ensure that you do not leave dependent upon any particular IDE or server configuration. This class is intended for developers responsible for adding functionality to the web front end GUI using jQuery.
Course Length: 2 Days
Course Tuition: $790 (US)


Good knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and DOM API is required.

Course Outline


Overview of jQuery

    The Rise of JavaScript
    Enter jQuery
    Downloading and Including jQuery
    jQuery Fundamentals
    The ready() Function
    The jQuery() or $() Function
    A Basic jQuery Script

jQuery Selectors

    Selecting Elements
    Selecting Form Elements
    Working with Selections
    Chaining Selections
    Generating New HTML
    Managing the Wrapped Element Set

Manipulating Elements with jQuery

    Applying CSS Styles to Elements
    Setting and Getting Element Attributes
    Element Dimensions
    Setting Element Content
    Dealing with Form Elements
    Moving, Copying, and Removing Elements

jQuery Events

    Overview of Events and Event Handling
    Linking Events to Elements
    Organizing Events with Namespaces
    Event Delegation
    Event Helpers
    Unbinding Event Handlers

Ajax with jQuery

    Ajax with jQuery
    $.ajax() Function
    $.get() and $.post() Convenience Methods
    The load() Method
    Ajax and Forms
    Ajax Events
    Showing Progress with ajaxStart() and ajaxStop()

jQuery Animation and Effects

    Built-in Effects
    Hiding and Showing Elements
    Fading In and Out
    Slide Up and Slide Down
    Custom Animation with animate()
    Managing Effect Queue

Developing Custom jQuery Plugins

    What is a jQuery Plugin?
    Using External Plugins
    Plugin Development Basics
    Iterating Selected Elements
    Plugin Configuration Options
    Managing Plugin State
    Writing Custom Utility Functions
    Adding New Wrapper Methods

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