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Course Description

The goal of web services is to enable heterogeneous software systems to interoperate using XML and well-known protocols such as HTTP. The Axis2 project from Apache is a feature-rich, modular, Java web service framework that embraces the most current standards in the web service world. In this one-day course, students learn a combination of web service fundamentals and the basics of the Axis2 platform. Web service topics such as SOAP and WSDL are covered from both client and server implementation perspectives. Students will learn how to create a Java SE Axis2 web service client by generating client helper code from a WSDL file. They will then learn how to create and deploy Axis2 Java web services to Apache Tomcat by using either Java code or WSDL as the starting point.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $390 (US)


Introduction to XML and Java Programming.

Course Outline


Intro to Axis2 and Web Services
What is a Web Service?
XML Based Web Service Technologies
Why Web Services?
Web Service Standards
Java Web Services
Apache Axis2
Axis2 Features
Axis2 Architecture and Processing Model

Simple Web Services
Deploy the Service
Run the Client
SOAP Overview
The SOAP Document
WSDL Overview
WSDL Content
Abstract WSDL Elements
Concrete WSDL Elements
SOAP Monitor

Axis2 Clients
Databinding in Axis2
ADB Databinding
Steps to Create a Client
Obtain the WSDL File
The wsdl2java Tools
Wsdl2java Options
Generated Code
Client Code Overview
Import the Generated Classes
Instantiate the Stub
Set the Request Parameters
Call the Service Method and Get the Results
Compile and Run the Client Code

Axis2 Services
Creating Server Code
Steps to Create a POJO Service
Building a POJO
The Server Descriptor
The service Element
MEPs and Message Receivers
More services.xml Configurations
AAR Files
Generating WSDL from Java Code
Steps to Create a WSDL Based Service
Generate Server Artifacts from WSDL
Steps to Edit the Skeleton
Import the Generated Classes
Get the Parameters
Write the Business Code
Instantiate a Response
Build and Deploy

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