Digital Forensics with Kali Linux Training in New Bedford

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Course Description

Kali Linux is a Linux-based distribution used mainly for penetration testing and digital forensics. It has a wide range of tools to help in forensics investigations and incident response mechanisms. You will start by understanding the fundamentals of digital forensics and setting up your Kali Linux environment to perform different investigation practices. The book will delve into the realm of operating systems and the various formats for file storage, including secret hiding places unseen by the end user or even the operating system. The book will also teach you to create forensic images of data and maintain integrity using hashing tools. Next, you will also master some advanced topics such as autopsies and acquiring investigation data from the network, operating system memory, and so on. The book introduces you to powerful tools that will take your forensic abilities and investigations to a professional level, catering for all aspects of full digital forensic investigations from hashing to reporting.
Course Length: 1 Days
Course Tuition: $690 (US)


1 year of experience using Linux.

Course Outline


 Introduction to Digital Forensics

  • What is digital forensics?
  • Digital forensics methodology
  • A brief history of digital forensics
  • The need for digital forensics as technology advances
  • Commercial tools available in the field of digital forensics
  • Operating systems and open source tools for digital forensics
  • The need for multiple forensics tools in digital investigations
  • Anti-forensics: threats to digital forensics
  • Summary


2: Installing Kali Linux

  • Software version
  • Downloading Kali Linux
  • Installing Kali Linux
  • Installing Kali Linux in VirtualBox
  • Summary


3: Understanding Filesystems and Storage Media

  • Storage media
  • Filesystems and operating systems
  • What about the data?
  • Data volatility
  • The paging file and its importance in digital forensics
  • Summary


4: Incident Response and Data Acquisition

  • Digital evidence acquisitions and procedures
  • Incident response and first responders
  • Documentation and evidence collection
  • Chain of Custody
  • Powered-on versus powered-off device acquisition
  • Write blocking
  • Data imaging and hashing
  • Device and data acquisition guidelines and best practices
  • Summary


5: Evidence Acquisition and Preservation with DC3DD and Guymager

  • Drive and partition recognition in Linux
  • Maintaining evidence integrity
  • Using DC3DD in Kali Linux
  • Image acquisition using Guymager
  • Summary


6: File Recovery and Data Carving with Foremost, Scalpel, and Bulk Extractor

  • Forensic test images used in Foremost and Scalpel
  • Using Foremost for file recovery and data carving
  • Using Scalpel for data carving
  • Bulk_extractor
  • Summary


7: Memory Forensics with Volatility

  • About the Volatility Framework
  • Downloading test images for use with Volatility
  • Using Volatility in Kali Linux
  • Summary


8: Autopsy – The Sleuth Kit

  • Introduction to Autopsy – The Sleuth Kit
  • Sample image file used in Autopsy
  • Digital forensics with Autopsy
  • Summary


9: Network and Internet Capture Analysis with Xplico

  • Software required
  • Packet capture analysis using Xplico
  • Summary


10: Revealing Evidence Using DFF

  • Installing DFF
  • Summary

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