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Course Description

This two-day course teaches the different types of XML parsing available in .NET. The course starts off with an overview of the .NET Framework and XML classes found in the System namespace. It then dives into the different parsing methodologies available from Microsoft and gives an overview of XML technologies in the .NET Framework. Upon completion, students will be fluent in the .NET System.Xml DOM classes and the various ways to retrieve, modify, and delete XML data. The course includes extensive programming examples, including a progressively developed case study that illustrates the use of XML in an eCommerce application.
Course Length: 2 Days
Course Tuition: $790 (US)


Ability to read and to write well-formed XML. Ability to read a DTD not strictly required, but preferred. A working knowledge of programming the .NET Framework using C#.

Course Outline


.NET Framework XML Overview
XML in the .NET Framework
.NET XML Namespaces and Classes
How Does the MSXML Fit in .NET
What Does the W3C Say
What Does the W3C Not Say
.NET XmlReader and XmlWriter
.NET DOM Parser
XML Serialization
Xpa th and XSLT
XML and the Web

Reading XML Streams in .NET
XML Document Streams
The XmlTextReader Class
Accessing Node Properties with the .NET XML Classes
Accessing Attribute Values
Traversing the XML Document
Catching XmlExceptions
The XmlNodeReader Class

Validating XML Streams
Specifying Valid Documents with DTD
Validating XML with XmlValidatingReader
Specifying Valid Documents with XML Schema

Writing XML Streams in .NET
The XmlWriter Class
The XmlTextWriter WriteXXX Methods
XmlTextWriter States
Writing Elements
Writing Attributes
Writing Namespaces

The Document Object Model in .NET
Origins of the DOM
DOM Levels
DOM2 Structure
The XmlDocument Class
DOM Tree Model
DOM Interfaces
XmlDocument, XmlNode and XmlNodeList Classes
XmlElement and XmlText Classes
Finding Elements By Name
Walking the Child List
The XmlAttribute Class
Namespaces and the DOM
Error Handling

Manipulating XML Information with the DOM
Modifying Documents
Modifying Elements
Modifying Attributes
Managing Children
Splitting Text and Normalizing
Creating New Documents

Appendix A. Zenith Courseware Case Study
Appendix B. Quick Reference - XML and DTD Grammar
Appendix C. Learning Resources

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