ASP.NET Ajax Using C# Training in Charleston

Enroll in or hire us to teach our ASP.NET Ajax Using C# class in Charleston, West Virginia by calling us @303.377.6176. Like all HSG classes, ASP.NET Ajax Using C# may be offered either onsite or via instructor led virtual training. Consider looking at our public training schedule to see if it is scheduled: Public Training Classes
Provided there are enough attendees, ASP.NET Ajax Using C# may be taught at one of our local training facilities.
We offer private customized training for groups of 3 or more attendees.

Course Description

This three-day course provides a practical introduction to developing rich Internet applications using ASP.NET AJAX and C#. Because of the rich support provided by Microsoft's AJAX tools, an ASP.NET programmer can get up and running in this new environment quickly. This course shows the way. It is current to ASP.NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. The course includes an introduction to the popular JavaScript library jQuery, which is now bundled with ASP.NET AJAX.
Course Length: 3 Days
Course Tuition: $1190 (US)


A good working knowledge of Web application development using ASP.NET, Visual Studio and C#. The student should have a basic knowledge of HTML. Exposure to JavaScript would be helpful but not required. A basic knowledge of ADO.NET would be helpful for understanding the case study and some of the examples.

Course Outline


 Rich Internet Applications and AJAX
Desktop Applications
Web Applications
Client-Side Scripting
JavaScript Example
Script Code
JavaScript in ASP.NET
Dynamic Pages
Efficient Page Redraws
Google Maps
ASP.NET Enhancements
ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
An ASP.NET AJAX-Enabled Website

 Using JavaScript
History and Standards
Uses of JavaScript
JavaScript in the Browser
Embedded JavaScript
.js Files
JavaScript Language
Variables Example
Reserved Words
Operators in JavaScript
Logical Operators
Bitwise and Assignment Operators
Output from Scope Example
for/in Loops in Arrays
Selection Structures
Error Object
Objects in JavaScript
Creating Your Own Objects
Using Your Objects
Dynamically Adding a Method
for/in Loops with Objects

What is DHTML ?
DHTML Components
Document Object Model
Browser Objects
Accessing DOM Nodes
Using jQuery
Manipulating Elements: Properties
Creating and Inserting Nodes
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
CSS Syntax
Style Sheets
Output without the Style Sheet
Output with the Style Sheet
Output with a Different Style Sheet
CSS Class Example
Using a CSS Class
jQuery Library
jQuery and Visual Studio
jQuery Wrapper
CSS Manipulation
Adding and Removing Class Name
More about Selectors
Animation Effects
Modifying the Document Structure
Remove and Append Code
Microsoft Content Delivery Network

 Microsoft AJAX Client Library
Microsoft AJAX Components
AJAX Client Library
Using the Client Library
ScriptManager Control
Client Library Namespaces
Sys.Debug Tracing
AJAX Client Life Cycle Events
Enable Script Debugging
Extending JavaScript Objects
Test Program for Array Extension
Test Program Code
Array Extensions in Client Library
Object-Oriented JavaScript
Person Class
Account Class
Test Code
User Interface
Top-Level Function
Shortcut Methods
Populating a List Box
JavaScript in Assemblies
Providing a ScriptReference
Enhanced AcmeClass Application

 Partial Page Rendering
Partial Page Rendering
UpdatePanel Control
AJAX Extensions Controls
Controlling Updates
Types of Triggers
Server Initiated Updates
A Challenge
Triggers Again
Timer Control
PageRequestManager Class
Customization Scenarios
PageRequestManager Event Handlers
UpdateProgress Control
Factors Code
Canceling the Async Postback
Limitations and Performance Issues

 Remote Method Calls
Why Remote Methods
Designing Remote Methods
A Web Service in an .asmx File
Registering AJAX Web Services
Calling AJAX Web Services
Running the Application
Handling Errors
Modified Web Service
Using Context
Method Parameter
Using Method Parameter
Page Methods
JavaScript Object Notation
JSON Data Types
Comparing JSON and SOAP
SOAP Serialization
ScriptMethod Attribute

 AJAX Control Toolkit
AJAX Control Toolkit
Install ACT in Visual Studio
ACT Controls in Visual Studio
Hello ACT
Intellisense for Properties
Registering AjaxControlToolkit.dll
ASP.NET AJAX Using C# (VS 10)
Extender Controls
NumericUpDownExtender Control
Rating Control
Using a Style Sheet
MaskedEdit Control
PasswordStrength Control
Page Layout Controls
Tab Controls
Accordion Control
CollapsiblePanel Control
CollapsiblePanel Markup
Popup Controls
Modal Popup Visual Effects
ACT Controls and Web Services

 Application Services
Using ASP.NET Application Services
Forms Authentication
Built-in Authentication Service
ASP.NET Configuration Tool
Login Page
Members Page
Configuration Files
JavaScript on Login Page
JavaScript on Home Page
Profile Properties
Using ASP.NET Profile Properties
Using Client-Side Profile Service
Profile JavaScript Code
Storing Profile Information

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csharp Uses & Stats

csharp is Used For:
Windows Applications Business Enterprise Applications Software Development Web Applications
Year Created
In Demand: 
C# along with Java is one of the top languages in demand for employers. 
.Net Library:
C# is integrated with the .Net Library thereby providing access to a vast archive of functionality and support. 
Team Friendly:
Multiple developers can easily work together on a project. 
Compiled Language:
The code that is stored on a public-facing server is in binary form. In other words, if your server gets hacked, the hacker doesn't automatically have access to your source code. 
C# roots are derived from C which means that the structure is transferable to other languages like Java, Objective C, PHP and C++. 

Steep Learning Curve:
For beginners, C# is not the easiest program to start with. 

Windows Application Exclusively:
Any .NET application needs a Windows platform to execute which means that companies using Linux servers would need Windows hosting to run a .Net application. 
Lack of Support for Older .NET:
Many enterprise organizations keep older operating systems because of the many problems that an upgrade can bring to the platform. Microsoft stops supporting older .NET frameworks after a few operating systems upgrades. 
csharp Job Market
Average Salary
Job Count
Top Job Locations

New York City 
Mountain View
San Francisco 

Complimentary Skills to have along with csharp

Since the .NET development ecosystem spans a wide array of capabilities and tools, it is difficult for .NET developers to know which .NET development skills and training to pursue in order to increase their marketability — and earning potential.  For that reason, learning supplemental languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, C/C++, and others is expected in today’s competitive skill-set driven playing field.

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