55049: PowerPivot, Power View and SharePoint 2013 Business IntelligenceCenter for Analysts Training

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Course Description

This two-day instructor-led course concentrates on PowerPivot and Power View in Excel 2013. The attendees will learn how to surface the workbooks and visualizations using the Business Intelligence Center in SharePoint 2013. As far as possible each of the modules is stand-alone allowing for customization of the course for those audiences that may not have an interest in a certain service.
Course Length: 2 Days
Course Tuition: $790 (US)


This course is intended for analysts, business intelligence (BI) developers and IT professionals that will be involved with the design, development, and maintenance of Excel workbooks utilizing PowerPivot and Power View 2013 to be surfaced on SharePoint

Course Outline


Module 1: Introduction

Module 1: Course Overview
This module explains how the class will be structured and introduces course materials and additional administrative information.
Course Materials
What We'll Be Discussing
After completing this module, students will be able to:
Successfully log into their virtual machine.
Have a full understanding of what the course intends to cover.

Module 2: PowerPivot
In this module we will explore PowerPivot and its analytical capabilities. PowerPivot is a data analysis add-on for Microsoft Excel that allows large amounts of data to be collected, aggregated, and analyzed in one workbook. Sound powerful? It is! We’ll cover everything you need to know to get you up, running, and analyzing.
What is a data model?
PowerPivot and Excel
New 2013 PowerPivot Features
PowerPivot and SharePoint
Enterprise Business Intelligence and PowerPivot
Enriching Data
Importing Data
Refreshing Data
Formatting Data
Sorting and Filtering
Creating Relationships
SharePoint Sharing
Lab: PowerPivot
Import Data from SQL Server
Import Data from SQL Server Analysis Services
Hide Unused Columns
Review and Edit the Imported Relationships
Create a PivotTable
After completing this module, students will be able to:
Use PowerPivot within Excel to import a table from SQL Server.
Use PowerPivot within Excel to import a table from SQL Server Analysis Services.
Hide columns they don’t want reflected in the resulting PivotTable.
View the relationships existing within the imported tables from SQL Server and then import an additional table and configure a relationship between it and the existing.
Create a PivotTable within an existing worksheet.

Module 3: Power View
In this module we will cover Power View and the reporting that can be created. From tables to charts and sharing on SharePoint, this module will have you ready to visualize your data in a variety of ways.
New 2013 Power View Features
Microsoft Power View User Interface
Saving and Sharing
BI Semantic Models
Lab: Power View
Create a Table
Create a Chart
Saving and Sharing
Create a BI Semantic Model
After completing this module, students will be able to:
Navigate and successfully use Power View.
Create a table.
Create a chart.
Save and share their work.
Create a BI semantic model.

Module 4: SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center

In this module, we will explore the new and improved 2013 SharePoint Central Administration site. We are going to cover specifically the new 2013 Business Intelligence Center template within SharePoint. Permissions and roles will be addressed and the included library and list apps will be explained.
New 2013 SharePoint Central Administration
New 2013 Business Intelligence Center
Permissions and Roles
Included Document Library and List Apps
Create Custom Apps (Libraries) for Visualizations or Workbooks
Create Custom Connection Apps (Libraries)
SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center
Lab: SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center
SharePoint 2013 Central Administration Excel Services
View the Secure Store
SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center Create Apps
After completing this module, students will be able to:
Explore the options and settings available within the new SharePoint 2013 Central Administration and Excel Services.
Access and review the Secure Store.
Create a new web application and business intelligence site while exploring the features of both.
Create custom apps to store visualizations and/or workbooks in SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center.

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