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Course Description

The Administering Cisco Data Center Unified Computing System (DCUCA) is a 4-day instructor-led course. In this Cisco UCS server training course, you will become experienced with the administration and troubleshooting of Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) B-Series and C-Series servers. This custom-built Cisco UCS training class uses the best lessons from all available Cisco server courses to maximize the learning experience for individuals who want to focus on day-to-day administration using Cisco UCS Manager as the primary interface.
Using real-world scenarios and examples, this Cisco training course will explore all of the components of the UCS B-Series and C-Series solutions from a day to day administrative point of view. Learn C-Series standalone, C-Series under UCS Manager, B-Series administration, troubleshooting, and management tools used to support basic UCS and multi-cluster support with UCS Central. Learn more about administering Cisco Data Center Unified Computing System and the course outline below.
Course Length: 4 Days
Course Tuition: $3300 (US)


The knowledge and skills that the learner should have before attending this course are as follows: Basic knowledge of Cisco routing and switching Basic knowledge of Cisco Unified Computing Systems Basic knowledge of servers and storage

Course Outline

Module 1: UCS Infrastructure Components
Lesson 1: Cisco UCS Servers and Components
Lesson 2: Exploring Cisco UCS User Interfaces
Lesson 3: Cisco UCS Management Framework and Features
Module 2: Administering Cisco C-Series Servers
Lesson 1: Cisco UCS Servers and Components
Lesson 2: Describing Cisco UCS C-Series Servers
Lesson 3: Cisco UCS C-Series Integrated Management Controller
Lesson 4: Provisioning Monitoring and Logging on the Cisco UCS C-Series Server
Lesson 5: Provisioning Cisco UCS C-Series Server Integration in UCS Manager
Lesson 6: Updating Cisco UCS C-Series Firmware with the Host Update Utility
Lesson 7: UCS C-Series Standalone and UCS Managed Troubleshooting
Module 3: Administering Cisco B-Series Servers
Lesson 1: Cisco UCS Servers and Components
Lesson 2: RBAC, Organizations, and Active Directory Integration
Lesson 3: Configuring Compute Node LAN Connectivity
Lesson 4: Configuring Compute Node SAN Connectivity
Lesson 5: Creating Identity and Resource Pools
Lesson 6: Creating Service Profiles
Lesson 7: Creating Templates and Cloning Service Profiles
Lesson 8: Managing Service Profiles
Lesson 9: Operating System Installation Options
Lesson 10: Backing Up and Restoring UCSM Database
Lesson 11: Upgrading UCS B-Series Firmware
Lesson 12: Troubleshooting Cisco UCS B-Series Configuration
Lesson 13: Troubleshooting Cisco UCS B-Series Operation
Module 4: UCS Management Tools
Lesson 1: UCS Management Tool Overview
Lesson 2: Integrating UCS Manager with UCS Central
Lesson 3: Managing UCS Using the Cisco UCS PowerTool
Lab Outline
Lab 0-0: Connecting to the Lab Environment
Lab 2-1: Update Cisco UCS C-Series Firmware from the Cisco UCS Host Upgrade Utility
Lab 2-2: Install VMware ESXi on the Local RAID and Verify SAN Connectivity
Lab 2-3: Troubleshooting Cisco UCS C-Series
Lab 3-1: Explore the Cisco UCS GUI and CLI Environment
Lab 3-2: Configure RBAC and Active Directory Integration
Lab 3-3: Provision Identity and Resource Pools
Lab 3-4: Provision Mobile Service Profiles from Updating Templates
Lab 3-5: Backup and Restore Cisco UCS Manager Database Objects
Lab 3-6: Configure Logging in Cisco UCS
Lab 3-7: Troubleshooting Cisco UCS B-Series
Lab 4-1: Integrating Cisco UCS Manager with Cisco UCS Central
Lab 4-2: Using the Cisco UCS PowerTool

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