information technology TRAINING SERVICES

The Hartmann Software Group delivers Information Technology Training that enables companies to build better applications and expertly manage the software development process. Our courses focus on two areas: the most current and critical object-oriented and component based tools, technologies and languages; and the fundamentals of effective development methodology. Our programs are designed to deliver technology essentials while improving development staff productivity.
The Hartmann Software Group also offers personalized courses for unique business and technology needs. An experienced trainer and faculty member will identify the client's individual training requirements, then adapt and tailor the course appropriately. Our custom training solutions reduce time, risk and cost while keeping development teams motivated. The Hartmann Software Group's faculty consists of veteran software engineers, some of whom currently teach at several Colorado Universities. Our faculty's wealth of knowledge combined with their continued real world consulting experience enables us to produce more effective training programs to ensure our clients receive the highest quality and most relevant instruction available. Instruction is available at client locations or at various training facilities located in the metropolitan Denver area.

Onsite Training Courses

As part of our effort to provide an affordable and successful training curriculum, we give on-site classroom instruction for groups of 3 or more students. Based on our experience, we have found that students are more receptive to learn in a familiar setting than an unfamiliar one.

Public Training Courses

Due to an extensive catalog of course offerings, we are only able to deliver a handful of these courses on a public basis. Please contact us for a list of our current public course offerings.

Live, Instructor Led, Online Training

We have successfully conducted on line instructor led training for a number of years. Whether these classes are led using your web-conferencing software or ours, the benefits of this type of training are tremendous:
  • No Travel Costs You can receive training at your place of work and thereby forgo the expenses incurred by traveling to Denver or by having one of our instructors on site.
  • Extensive Training Opportunities You can receive training that may not be offered at your location. With an extensive course offering from which to select, you can receive customized or very personalized training in a variety of disciplines without having to wait for it to be offered in a public forum close to you. Simply select the class, notify us of your interests, and we will do our best to ensure you receive the training you need.
  • Larger Audience Other students from the same office, remote offices or different companies may be able to enroll in a class. Learning from the experiences of others will certainly help increase your own expertise.
  • No Hardware/Software Configurations You do not have to scramble to set up rooms and/or computers. Each student simply needs to connect to the provided site.
  • Increased Productivity Since travel is not a necessity, students can still be accessible outside of class hours to address any pending issues.